With TaDa Labs, you can easily add voice-assistance with almost magical powers to your application. Amaze your users and then take a bow. We understand your domain and figure out the intention. If you're technical, we translate it to your query language on the fly. If not, we host your entire solution. We work along-side Amazon Echo, OK Google, most speech to text engines to connect databases and context to what users say. Voice interfaces should be completely interactive, not prescribed.
Set your users free to say what they want.
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Work with Standard Voice Engines...only better

You Don't Have to Pre-can the Responses

You can add Voice Easily

TaDa Labs is a minimal framework with automatic test generation to allow you to integrate voice seamlessly. Your users get the right visual at the right time AND in the right way. We are not reinventing the wheel. Our technologies leverage the existing AI strength of the powerhouse speech recognition engines so your solution is based on standards and the power of huge machine learning communities.

This big data expertise combined with a deep knowledge of the context of your business application makes voice “work” on the first try. No users get a bad experience.

Our solutions take the whole experience into account - i.e. we don’t neglect the context and workflow- so you get both accurate speech recognition and the right action to match.



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